Making progress

Alright, that's two exams handed in. Topic 2 went out to the committee yesterday around 7:30pm, then Rocco and I beelined it to the theatre to see Pirates of the Caribbean - finally! I was worried about spending even MORE time on my ass after six days of sitting but the movie was so entertaining that it didn't matter. I think Pirates 3 is waaaaaay better than Pirates 2. Frickin' Johnny Depp is fantastic - and Keith Richards as his dad? Perfect.

That was a brief break. I've already received the questions for Topic 3 but this time I have four days to write instead of three. I'll be done the entire writing process by Wednesday night and then have almost two weeks of grinding my teeth until the oral defence. There's lots to do in the interim, work that I haven't been getting to because of the comps, but I expect it will still feel like a loooong window.

Thanks for your support! I love getting little notes of "go, go, go!" at random intervals. It actually really keeps my spirits up, so thanks, and keep 'em coming! Also, you might not notice it but so many of the comments are coming in as anonymous that I usually spend a couple minutes trying to figure out who the author is. Ooo, brain teasers!

Part 3, Sun Jul 8 - Performance frameworks for understanding human action

1. Discuss the major issues surrounding the dramaturgical framework for socio-cultural theory and how it has been applied to the literature on Performance in Human Geography. What are the advantages and disadvantages of such applications, especially with regard to the short-term and long-term implications of Performance frameworks for understanding human action?

2. Some theorists on Performance have asserted that the Subject is constituted in public performativity and daily enactments of choice. Drawing on the concepts of repetition and iteration, discuss how the performance of values, emotions, beliefs, and lessons constitutes a form of social communication, contributing to social discourse. How might such a dramaturgical framework apply to sustainability and environmental issues?


  1. Anonymous1:49 p.m.

    Brain teaser!

  2. Anonymous6:39 p.m.

    Dramaturgical? Pertaining to dramatic surgery? If you can use "dramaturgical" in a (normal) sentence (and I think we both know what I mean by "normal") the next time we see each other, I'll buy you a gin and tonic. I'll also buy myself a beer. See how we both win!!!

  3. Dramaturgical pertains to those who suffer from periodic dramaturges.

    btw, go go go! woo!

  4. Anonymous8:02 p.m.

    Wow!....Good work Meg, looks like you're rocking and with time to spare! (well...that's sorta a necessity even if you didn't). Good for you, more than 2/3rds done!
    Cool questions btw. Every time I read them, I have to admit, i imagine myself on like Jeopardy trying to answer them :) Well...good hunting

    Your stamina gives me strength - i have less than a week to produce my final, formatted, edited, printed, revised, beutified thesis....ai!