Round 2 please, bartender

I sent off Topic 1 last night at 10pm on the nose. That's four hours late for the deadline I set myself and two hours early for the committee's deadline. I'm already second guessing myself and wondering if I read the question wrong or if I tried to skew it too much to be able to fit in more of the readings... Oh the debilitating nag of self doubt.
The beast came in at 13 pages, single spaced. Wha? Yeah. 13! Single spaced! Usually things get handed in double spaced (that would be a shocking 26 pages) but I didn't want to intimidate the committee and start them off with a unfavourable impression so I left it single spaced. I think I learned a lot from doing the first response and the next two will definitely be more efficiently completed and shorter, for my well-being and the committee's!

The next set of questions should arrive in my mailbox in less than one minute. Oh. My.

Update 2 minutes after blogging:

Part 2, Thur Jul 5 - Individual behaviour change for sustainability

1. Psychological and socio-cultural theories of individual behaviour operate at different scales of causality (e.g. individual and socio-cultural) for behaviour. Do the differences lie deeper than that? That is, are these approaches consistent or compatible, or do they conflict, in terms of their underlying theoretical positions? Can the arguments from these two approaches be combined or must a choice be made about what are the most important drivers of behaviour?

2. How do psychological and socio-cultural theories of behaviour change engage with the concepts of the body or embodiment? Do these theories operate primarily at the cognitive level where behaviour is simply the physical manifestation of intention, or does bodily awareness or understanding play any role in the understanding of behaviour change? If such understanding does not play a role is these theories, how might this be done? Would it require any significant reformulation of these theories?

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  1. Good luck, Mego! I totally support the use of coffee and Bailey's for exam purposes...Ali wrote her best lab diagnosis exam with it! Sounds like it's done well for you so far...