The old slice and dice

Rocco gave me an amazing gift, a Wüsthof santoku!
6.5 inches of precision-forged tempered steel with a hollow edge for hair-splitting k-nifing. Shazam! I tried it out yesterday and it was doing such an impressive job of slicing and dicing the garlic and onions that I just couldn't resist trying the blade on flesh and bone! I made a valiant effort to add my finger tip to the spaghetti sauce but sadly failed. I also failed to find a bandaid so Rocco found me dripping hemoglobin when he got home a minute later.
Oh well, they say a knife is not truly yours to use until you've baptised it with your blood. Who is they? I don't know, They, capital T. Well, me, anyway. I say that. I say that now.

My finger's fine, thanks for asking. And the knife is awesommmmme! It cuts like buttah. Like buttah!


  1. I got a santoku for Christmas too! I freaking looooove it. Just want to stay home and slice things all day long. Not fingers though. Yikes!

  2. Anonymous7:53 p.m.

    Oh, the irony. I'm glad you're okay. I saw many cut off fingertip in my days as a server. Gross.

    Also, I am jealous of your knife.


  3. Very nice! I'll post pic's of my knife when it shows up. In the mean time I'm jealous of your "Ginsu Action"!