The scales will fall from my eyes

Remember the health assessment I was kind of dreading and kind of excited about? I finally managed to reschedule it with the UBC trainer so 9am tomorrow morning will see me in sports bra and tight pants being measured and assessed. I'm glad it's finally going to happen but I managed to poorly schedule the rescheduled appointment.

Because ... tonight is the first of three reservations we made through
Dine Out Vancouver. I'm sure I've blogged about this before: restaurants around town sign up with a set three course menu that they offer for either $15, $25, or $35 from January 13th to February 3rd. Some of the restaurants you could almost eat there more cheaply any day of the year but some of them are high falutin' snotty places with divine food that is normally absurdly priced. Dine Out Vancouver is a chance to try their fare at a reduced price, and we take the opportunity to invite people to dinner that we either don't know well or don't see often enough.

Tonight we have a four top at
Cru and we've invited one of Rocco's colleagues and his girlfriend. They're young and fun and I'm sure it will be a good time. Unfortunately, for the health assessment I'm not supposed to have alcohol or coffee for 12 hours before the appointment. Our reservation at Cru is for 8:30pm (you take what you can get as Dine Out Vancouver books up very quickly) so for one thing I shouldn't have any wine with my dinner (gasp!) and even if dinner runs late, which it will, I can't have a coffee until after the assessment (double gasp!).

Well to this I say Kaphewey (
\ˈka-fü-ē\)! I'm damn well going to enjoy at least a glass of wine with dinner, even if I limit myself to only one, and I can wait an hour or so for a morning coffee, it's just not going to be pleasant. I'll probably be so distracted by the calipers pinching the inches and my heart rate soaring while on the cardio machines that the absent caffeine won't really be missed.

I'm not sure if they do any blood work in the assessment (doubt it) but if they do I can just imagine the trainer's face when she looks at the results. "Do you normally eat
Butter lettuce Salad with marinated beets, mustard vinaigrette, cherry tomatoes, Wild Mushroom and Truffle Risotto with pea shoots and parmesan curls, followed by dessert of Grand Cru Chocolate Truffle with raspberry mousse and coulis? Egads!" Heh heh heh!

Edited later:
Bah, did it happen? NO! The trainer was 15 minutes late, then she discovered the body composition machine is out of order. We need to, yes, reschedule. ARG! Pretty soon I'm just going to demand my money back but I'm still really interested in getting the analysis done. I guess I'll hang in there for a few more days. We'll see if she actually calls me about it.


  1. I've been disappointed more often by a scale then a plate. Viva la food!

  2. If you want a more professional environment, try the Buchannan lab in the basement of the Aquatic Centre. Run by actual scientists, not random douchebags making $12/hr. Trust me, I work in the department. I had underwater weighing done at the lab a couple of years ago for body fat percentage. It was cool.

  3. Hey, I should look into that! How costly is the analysis?

  4. I'm not sure . . . they did mine for free. I'll ask this morning though, and post back to you. Are you looking to just have the body comp analysis done, or the full fitness test with VO2 max and stuff?

  5. It would definitely depend on the prices for each but VO2 max is also really interesting.

  6. I saw the lab guy today and asked him. The hydrostatic weight for body comp is $25 for students, including taxes. I'm not sure about the rest. 822-4536 for the lab. You can also go to www.aquatics.ubc.ca and scroll down to the very bottom for their very minimal blurb about their testing.

  7. Thanks for all the info, Katie! I'll go down to the lab sometime this week to look into it further. We should probably meet in person one of these days, you and I...

  8. I agree! I'm having a potluck on Saturday for my birthday, and I'm hoping Anne will come. You should stop on by!

  9. I thought you would get a kick out of our Edmonton weather!

    Overnight Tuesday
    Morning Tuesday

    TEMPERATURE -31°C -39°C -37°C -29°C
    Cloudy periods
    P.O.P. 10% 0% 0% 0%
    FEELS LIKE - - - -40
    WIND N 10km/h NE 10km/h SE 10km/h SE 15km/h
    HUMIDITY 68% 79% 66% 67%
    We don't expect any precipitation from Monday

  10. Yeah its freak'in cold out lately!