Saving the day

Yes, there's so much for me to catch up on for the blog. Sorry I've been AWOL, but as Dawnald pointed out in an e-mail yesterday, she knows I'm busy busy busy when the blog gets neglected. I love that a conversation has started in the comments section about Alberta weather. You guys need my blog! That feels so good! :-)

I just had to stop what I'm doing for a minute and describe the moment for you. This should satisfy your need to read something/anything and will get me off the hook for a couple days about updating the blog with everything, and there's a lot, that's been going on.

Right this second (well, when I'm not blogging about it) I'm sitting at my desk in my pod at school, doing the tedious tasks associated with preparing surveys and handout packages for our workshop tomorrow. I'm ripping out staples, recycling large stacks of old surveys, emptying and refilling envelopes, IDing consent forms, surveys and envelopes, and trying desperately to avoid giving myself too many paper cuts. I'm also watching a cooking show on my monitor with my headphones in so as not disturb other students around me in the open plan office. Oh, who am I kidding? The headphones are mostly there to disguise the fact that I'm watching tv at the office. Ha!

Besides this, the snow is falling gently outside my window and Vancouver is really getting a blanket of the white stuff. This morning, as you can imagine, the city was a shambles of accidents, stuck buses, and messy sidewalks. My bus ride to UBC this morning ranks among my Worst Bus Rides Ever. I won't fill you in on what constitutes such a ranking because I have to get back on the bus to go home later on, which will be impossible if I don't actively repress this morning's experience. Watching this cooking show while my hands are busy is truly saving my sanity.

For those of you also looking for something to watch while you do mundane tasks, I recommend The Everyday Dish. It's a vegan cooking show this woman films in her own kitchen but it has a surprisingly high production value. She's fairly annoying but the food and recipes are worth it. Right now I'm watching her make vegetarian sausage from scratch and it looks damn tasty.

Ok, back to my staples and envelopes. I promise to update the blog soon!


  1. Anonymous9:22 p.m.

    Speaking of Alberta weather... it's going down to -55 with the wind chill here tonight. Oh yeah, and we were colder than the North Pole today. So take that!


  2. So, Kath, your point is that hell will freeze over before you get older? Happy birthday!