UBC lockdown

You may have heard there was a police incident at UBC today. Here's the news, which essentially says nothing. And we, the students and denizens of UBC, also know nothing. How's that for necessary communication?

The "unspecified threat" occurred in the Biological Science building. AERL, my building, is adjacent, and the building we were holding our workshop in this afternoon is kitty corner across a parking lot/access area. Here's a pic:
We still haven't heard what happened but my guess is someone called in a bomb threat and that it turned out to be a hoax. I'm super glad no one was hurt (as of current reports) and annoyed that the police tried to deny us entrance to my building when we were wheeling a cart full of workshop supplies back to AERL. Our building was near by the site but not in any way involved with the incident. We waited until the police were out of sight then ducked under the police tape. Yes, we broke the rules in order to return a flip chart and some laptops. Oooh, deviants!

If it does turn out to be something horrible that went down on campus, I'm going to feel terrible that I've been so flippant. So far, I've only heard that it was a false alarm so this post is premised on that account.

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