Ok, eleven days since my last post. My bad. I tried to find an animated gif finger wagging at me but my search skills among animated gifs need to be sharpened.

What have I been up to in all this time? Having more super visitors, taking off to Ucluelet for a long weekend (bliss) and raking myself over the coals academically. At very short notice I had to give a presentation to my department, 20 minutes of presenting garnered me an entire course grade, and September always marks the emotional trauma of putting together scholarship applications that might come through next year. Handed that last piece in today and now I might go find myself a beer for my trouble!

This is a short and oh-so-sweet post (wouldn't you agree?) just to let you know I'm still alive. I won't leave you hanging though, I found something to entertain you while I construct a more elaborate post replete with images of Ucluelet, etc. I've just found out some very good news, you see. A recent update to wikipedia has alerted me that there is a movie coming out in 2008 we should go see, in fact, buy your tickets now before they sell out!

I'm sorry the image is so small but essentially the message is that Meg, a novel about a prehistoric, terrifying shark (the Megalodon) is being made into a movie! I never thought it would happen! Rocco found the terrible, predictable, really nauseatingly bad book at a Salvation Army store for a quarter and brought it home as a gift for me. I've had photocopies of the cover posted around my office, and often force the book upon unsuspecting friends. Can you believe they are making the movie for a novel whose tagline reads: If you see her glow... it's too late!? Now there's something to look forward to! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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