Techno wizzes

If you look closely at the (1983) television screen you will see two images, one on the left and one on the right, and a smaller image at the bottom, boxed in. C d iddy biddy webcam and Mac Mini on top of the tv? Not only did Rocco arrange for the webcam to video chat through the ancient tv set, we also managed to establish a three way chat with mom and dad in Lethbridge and my sister in Edmonton. Ma and Pa are on the left, K is on the right, and their view of us is in the little box at the bottom of the screen. There was a slight problem synching all three views and audio tracks up at the beginning (much humourous sign display ensued) but overall the experiment was successful. V. cool, as some would say.


  1. Anonymous7:39 p.m.

    In the picture the tv looks like some kinds horror movie. Kath

  2. I'd like to see you do that with a B&W TV set!

  3. Anonymous11:37 a.m.

    wow....you guys ARE techie!!!!....