Happy times

Wowzers, the past week has been busy, busy with fantastic visitors. Having people visiting means I get to explore more of the city in order to show them around and to keep everyone entertained. The Duchess and I rented electric bikes and putted around Stanley Park. For anyone out there in Vancouver trying to dream up an activity to entertain themselves or visitors, electric bikes are the way to go! I stole this picture of the Duchess on the electric cruiser from her blog so it will look familiar to some folks:
She's now on her way to Alberta then on to San Diego for a week of surfing with her cousin. We gave her a good send-off here with lots of pseudo-meat, beer, and Sega Genesis, of all things!

Dawn, Steve and Hailey were the next to pull up at Chateau O'. Look at these beautiful, happy people! Hailey is 15 months now and has mastered the word 'cat'. Let's just say Sophie was mildly traumatised by all the attention she was getting. To distract her, Rocco tried to get Hailey hooked on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Not sure why, but there seem to be zero pictures of Steve or myself during their visit. Mostly we ate really well, visited in the evenings while Hailey was passed out, and got into the wine and beer a little. Steve got totally hooked on kakuro puzzles - beware of trains and distracted engineers in Southern Alberta now!

One last pic to close out this post. Rocco was in Toronto recently, and though he had pictures of Beatrice the Volkswagen and other wild adventures on his digital camera, everyone seemed to be most taken with our toilet cat. Sophie the weirdo wins again!


  1. Shouldn't that be le chat-o' ? heh heh...


  2. Anonymous8:01 a.m.

    Hey, I didn't leave that comment! Who did? Mom