We put the U in Ucluelet

For some reason, I really like this picture taken through the screen door. In Ucluelet we had our own private deck, complete with private hot tub. The stars have never looked so good or so steamy! If anyone is looking for a brilliant, chilled out weekend, stay at Point West Cottages. They only have three cottages to let but they are each self-contained units with hot tubs and kitchens. The owners are really nice and they also know to leave you be. Walk the Wild Pacific Trail, see the lighthouse, rent a bike for an afternoon, and you could even do all those things we didn't do like like go surfing or kayaking or drive up to Tofino to check that place out. More pics will appear as they become availble!


  1. Was this your trip to see the storms roll in?

  2. Yeah! I really was hoping we could hole up in the cozy cabin and watch storms rage across the bay - no luck. The weather was amazing, all three days were gorgeous blue sky with bright sun but not too hot to enjoy. Not the weekend I imagined but who the hell cares? It was awesome!

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