Labour Day Madness!

Meh, not so much.

A number very close to everyone I know in Vancouver are away or otherwise occupied this long weekend, and I am the designated cat-sitter. Rocco is visiting friends in the Big Smoke, D&N are away in Alberta (their furry beasts are in my care for the duration), A&M are also away on a Rockies road trip, two friends are totally submerged in thesis hell, J has a new man who keeps her busy, so pretty much I'm left with little Sophie. Stevo is around and actually we moved him from one apartment to another on Friday and made the requisite trip to Ikea yesterday. Other than his company, it's been a very quiet weekend so far, promising to finish up much as it started.

I don't mind so much. I have this dang blasted paper to write for the folks funding my stay at UBC, so a bit of peace and quiet is not a bad thing. Have I actually been working on it, though, really? Not so much. I've got to dive into some Donna Haraway and a text called The Self and Social Psychology, and right now they look about as appealing as the load of greasy dishes by the sink and the stinky piles of runner's laundry. Ew.

I think I'll just go play with the cats. That way I'm fulfilling at least one of my duties this weekend, the cats are happy, I'm relaxed, everyone's happy except the UBC working group. But they'll get their paper before long. Just to show you how exciting it will be to write, here's the working title: Self-referential Techniques for Corporeal Awareness in Pedagogical Technologies for Sustainability: Activating action potentials*. Go me!

I should add that this weekend is the calm before the storm. As of Tuesday, we have numerous guests, some overlapping, until September 22. They are all super, duper people and I'm really excited to see all of them. It will be tricky to fit in school work and washing sheets between visitors, but it'll be a fabulous time of comraderie and eating at great restaurants!

*It's not an academic paper without a sub-title, after all. Just like it's not modern dance without some gratuitous nudity. See Marie Chouinard and butoh.

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