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I've got a joke for you.
What do Vancouverites use when faced with light, dry, fluffy snow?

This town is funny. We get this kind of snow so rarely that no one owns the right tools to deal with it, including all-purpose radials. My bus driver today went on the PA system to make fun of the impotent road grader we passed - the blade of the grader was maybe 1.5 meters long.

At least the city looks terrific! It hasn't melted much yet so the trees are still graced with icing. Turns out that Vancouver trees aren't built for this weather either and there are many, many trees down and even more broken. Cherry blossom trees are the weakest, apparently. It's very sad to see.


  1. Anonymous6:24 p.m.

    It's so crazy that just a little snow can bring Van to its knees! As for Edmonton, we acctually got above -20 for a brief second today. People will be talking about this for weeks... K

  2. Actually, it's not just a little snow. Yes, by Edmonton standards, this is still minor but we have almost 30cms of built up snow on the ground. It's crazy walking since no one shovels their sidewalks (they probably don't own shovels) and all the side roads are now just tire ruts in the packed ice/snow. Good times.

  3. Funny and I just finished putting winter tires on both our vehicles. It'll probaby chinook and be plus 15 by sunday.

  4. Add me to the list of useless Vancouver drivers. I've always prided myself on being the only local who could drive in the snow (yeah, didn't grow up here obviously...) but last night on the way home three seperate groups of people offered to push me as I sank into piles of slushy frozen ice. So embarassed. I wanted to yell "I'm better than this" as I spun my tires and covered them in sleet, but I refrained. I'm going to do take 2 tonight and hopefully it will go better this time!