Boil water advisory

For anyone living in Vancouver, there is now a water advisory for the lower mainland. Water authorities are recommending boiling water for 5 minutes before any use, including for washing vegetables and brushing teeth. Water sediment levels (turbidity) are higher than the Vancouver Health Authority have ever seen!


This is all due to the tremendous storms we've been experiencing (no, not thunderstorms, just absurd amounts of rain). The wind and lashing rain have been disturbingly strong. Here's a link to the story as reported by CBC.

UPDATE on Friday: This morning it took me five stops at various (alleged) coffee shops to find one still making and selling coffee. I was seriously concerned that I would have to go caffeine-free on this rainy, sleepy Friday. The one cafe on campus that is still wisely selling the java juice will probably make their annual sales estimate today. Ha! Screw you Starbucks! Too afraid of liability, are ya? HA!

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