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Something to keep us entertained on a Friday afternoon. We all know about Wikipedia, but did you know there is a random wiki button? Click on either http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/special:random or go to Wikipedia.org, select your language of choice and the random wiki button will show up on the left side bar.

My random wiki of the day:

Porkbusters is an effort led by mostly conservative and libertarian bloggers to cut pork barrel spending by the U.S. Congress in order to help pay for Hurricane Katrina recovery projects.

The effort was launched on 2005-09-18[1], when the massive scale of the needed reconstruction effort became apparent. It quickly picked up steam as blogger Glenn Reynolds (aka "Instapundit") began promoting the idea and the influential-though-anonymous blogger N.Z. Bear set up a website showing which members of the U.S. Congress had committed to cutting projects in their own districts to help offset the disaster recovery effort.

Reynolds encourages his readers to send him copies of pork-cutting letters they send to their representatives and Senators, along with the responses from the elected officials. He then posts these on his website under the heading "Porkbusters Update".

In operation for less than six weeks, as of October 13, 2005 the project has already managed to garner $84,000,000 in specific budget cut commitments out of various Representatives and non-specific agreements out of many more. In addition, those Representatives who have been contacted and have negative responses are highlighted and their contact information is made available for their constituents.

Feel free to post a random wiki in the comments section. I will warn you that it sometimes takes a few clicks to turn up something odd or interesting - everyone has a wiki page these days!
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