Casino comments

On our third attempt, we finally got to see the new Bond movie, Casino Royale, this afternoon. Two previous attempts were foiled by mobs of people but since the Superbowl was on today, we figured our chances of getting in were good. We were right. For those of you who have seen it, I have a few comments. For those of you who have yet to see it, I don't think these comments will spoil the movie for you in any way, and what's holding you back? It's really *very* good!

  1. Much like the infamous SNL skit "We Need More Cowbell", someone, probably the director, obviously was pleading for more, even More, and MORE jumping in the first chase scene. "I just, I just gotta have more jumping! C'mon! MORE jumping!"
  2. The scenographer or maybe the script writer really has a hard on for construction sets! Like, seriously!
  3. Frick that Bond girl is annoying. I was really hoping she was going to get offed early, early in the movie. No such luck. (No, this shouldn't spoil it for you.)
  4. Anyone remember Terminator 2? Daniel Craig took a page out of the robot cop's book to craft the Bond run. Pump those robo-arms!
  5. I've heard complaints from other people that the card game scenes stretch on endlessly (and needlessly) but I felt much more strongly about the sap sappy sapolicious scenes later in the movie. I think they couldn't decide which sap scene to use so they just left them all in. C'mon, only one avowal of devotion is needed, even for thick headed audience members. We got it.
  6. We need more jumping!
  7. Ok, the scene in the condemned building in Venice is totally awesome. Just...awesome!

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  1. It's bond... Enjoy the cheese, embrace the cheese, heck jump for the cheese!