My little sister was visiting last weekend and we spiced up her time here with an evening of snow tubing. Yeehaw! They offer tubing at Cypress Mountain and even at $17 for 2 hours, it was totally worth the travel and the money. I recommend going on a Saturday evening when everyone else is at the bar because we had the run of the slopes and the attention of the attendants. Attendants hang out at the top to push you down the slope and to spin you in your tube. Super whiz bang fun!

Here's a picture the attendant took before we went going down in a big group of 7 people all hooked together.

There's a couple videos of single and group tubing from our night on Kath's friend Rob's site.

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  1. That looks very fun. We went out this week and a little boy had a big tube on the hill. They are really neat.