Vegan cook along

I found a blog that I've now started to read regularly. It might not be to everyone's taste, but I find it's kind of fun. The Vegan Cook Along blog was started by a handful of friends who are all interested in vegan cooking and in trying new recipes. Someone suggests a recipe on the blog once a week (or so) and over the next week various people try it out, photographically document the process, and submit a blog report on the recipe.

Anyone can join by sending an e-mail request to pink.vegan@gmail.com and new people join all the time. I haven't joined yet but have tried one of their recipes called Mock Makhani Chicken. It was pretty darn tasty! Next I'm going to try the jerk tofu, and maybe the superb borscht.

Just a neat idea. Even if you are a tried and true carnivore, vegan cooking every once in a while is an easy and tasty way to cut fat, lower cholesterol, and try new foods. Have fun exploring!

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