Faulty living

According to CBC Radio this morning, BC is at high risk of a major earthquake right about... now. The story reports that we are at higher risk for the next week as small tremors have been detected, moving North along the Cascadia fault line. The news was certainly not what we wanted to hear first thing this morning when brains are still foggy. I used to vent at length about "idiots who choose to live in seismically active areas" but look at me now? The dynamic techtonic activity that formed the Pacific Northwest coast created an amazing playground that offers a superb lifestyle. I love it here! It is weird to have news of an impending quake hanging over our heads (or simmering under our feet for that matter). A tourism site that ironically advertises Vancouver by describing the imminent catastrophe of a major quake claims we are due a massive seismic event and that the results of such an event would be the destruction of the city.

I found a great book a couple years ago when I first started at UBC. Vancouver, City on the Edge is a brief, well illustrated and interesting geological description of the Fraser Basin. The Duchess took a look at it and claimed this book alone could teach an introductory course on geology at the University level. I think I'll dig it out to learn more about where the quake could occur and who might be hardest hit depending on the location of the epicentre. I suspect that living on the Oak Street hill means we are in an ok position, domestically, but UBC could shear off into the ocean. Remind me to stay away from that place for the next week!


  1. Vancouver has been on the brink of a massive earthquake for as long as I can remember. In fact, when I was in grade 4 or 5 there was a day where schools were perhaps going to be closed due to a predicted earthquake (which was predicted by the same guy who accurately predicted the massive one that hit San Fransisco). It never came. I'm sure one will, one day, and sometimes it freaks me out, but I guess it's something we westcoasters just have to learn to live with.

  2. Anonymous10:08 a.m.

    That is a very good excuse for not going to school for a couple weeks. If only there was some crazy tectonic activity happening here.