Cerise Creek trip, Jan. 27-28 2007

Last weekend I was back out in the backcountry again with friends. Cerise Creek is a couple hours North of Squamish, on the road to Lillooet. We skinned up to a cabin called Keith's Hut, but everyone of our gang slept in tents since there were enough people (including one cougher) sleeping in the hut. The weather was gorgeous with barely any clouds, bright sun, and moderate temps. The skiing conditions were not. Like, really, NOT. Sure, 30 feet of snow sounds like great conditions but the 2-3" ice crust covering every snow surface made skiing not only difficult but treacherous! Still, it was a very fun time with great people, good conversation, and lots of laughter. The food was also amazing.

Shya the dog came with us. She's a beauty.

The hut had a sleeping loft. This shot is taken looking down from the loft on folks relaxing before dinner. I'm in the lower left corner, toque intact.

Did I mention the food? The people supplying dessert went all out. You're looking at chocolate pudding, chocolate fondue, and a plethora of fresh fruits that arrived carefully protected from potential bruising. Amazing!

The weather really treated us well. The night was clear, lit by the moon and stars to the point that headlamps were not necessary.

Day two was sunny but a hell of a lot of hard work. My thighs are still recovering. This is the gang taking a break after only descending about 400m which took us almost 30 minutes.

It was great trip even if the conditions were shite. Props to the photographers, Ian, Dave and Anton. More pics (including these ones) are available on Anton's and Dave's websites.


  1. Anonymous2:19 p.m.

    Wow Meg, those pics are amazing! I really like the night shot with the tent. Kath

  2. Looks like a MEC photo shoot. Are you sure you weren't faking it!?!

  3. grrrrrrrr.........
    I'm covered in envy and it's not a good look for me ;(

  4. Anonymous7:58 a.m.

    Meg, I think you should submit that night shot to MEC for consideration for their winter catalogue. Seriously! Mom