Amazing weather

Living in Vancouver these days feels like absolute heaven. The weather for the last few days has been crisp, brilliantly clear, and sunny - though cold. It's my absolute favourite weather! Granted, every few days we get some rain but when that clears up we return to sunny days that nip at your nose. Ok, I'm waxing poetic, apologies.

I found a live cam of Vancouver and I'll try to link to it here. Hopefully it will be a live link so that when you next return to this page the image will be updated from the remote site. Let's give it a try.
It works, it works! You can also click on the link I provided above and see updated shots from the cam on the original site. Scroll down to see the picture after the multi-coloured text.

It is SO easy to be a runner in this weather. Granted, on those rainy days I tend to cancel running plans since clear days are not far away, but on days like today it feels good to be in training and good to be out shuffling through the piles of leaves on the sidewalk. I don't remember Autumn being quite so beautiful in Vancouver in previous years. In fact, I remember other years being dreary and soggy. This is truly a treat! Now let's just hope it holds out for a couple weeks when my parents are coming to visit. I'm sure they could use a weekend of crisp sunshine since they're under blankets of snow already in Southern Alberta.

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