I can't hear you with this banana in my ear!

That was a totally useless, gratuitous banana reference.The only thing it accomplished was to make you think about my ear. I have earaches, yes, plural. They've been bothering me for a couple weeks but it's not acute pain, more of a dull ache. I'm running a half-marathon race this weekend and I'm leary of putting myself on antibiotics so soon before the race (possible nasty consequences abound). Are there any home remdies out there for earache? I've tried holding a blow drier to the ear, which does work a bit but only for a short while. Someone suggested a few drops of warm olive oil. Ever used this? Come on, folks. I need some suggestions!


  1. My only earache advise is ... go to the doctor!!!

    Are you doing the half marathon in Victoria? We are also heading over to that. Perhaps we'll run by one another and wonder, hmmm, is that the girl from the blog?

  2. Yep, heading to Victoria Saturday for the race on Sunday. I'll keep my eye out for who I think you are!

    Earaches have plagued me most of my life, so I don't treat them very seriously. This round is mostly just uncomfortable and has been hanging around for ages. I will go see the doc if it hasn't cleared up after the weekend.

  3. I think I saw you this afternoon (Friday) at around 3:30 at Esquires Coffee shop. I was going to go up to (who I thought was) you and say, hey, are you Liminal Me? But I thought I'd feel like too much of an idiot if you weren't, so I chickened out.

    Maybe our paths have crossed more times than we know . . . your sister did say we move in parallel universes after all.