Canada speaks...

A friend sent me this link to a cool display of languages spoken across Canada, produced by the CBC. Take a wander through the provinces; I think you'll be surprised at some of the tallies.

The first question I have is what are those 20 Filipino people doing in Nunavut besides freezing their butts off? Also, having lived the majority of my life in Alberta, I still couldn't have predicted the strong representation of Punjabi speakers in that province. Maybe that's a reflection of where I lived in Alberta, since most immigration occurs in larger cities - and in Alberta most of the immigration labour is in the oil industry that is certainly not centred in Lethbridge.
In the Yukon, I'm surprised that First Nations languages are not more represented. Yukon First Nations belong to either the Athapaskan or Tlingit language groups, yet only the Atahapaskan language even registers on this scale.

Anyway, some interesting numbers for you to ponder. Apologies for not blogging much lately. I'll try to be better about it this week.

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