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From the Globe and Mail online edition today.

What rock does a ridge listen to?

Globe and Mail Update

Just west of the Alberta-Saskatchewan border, half-way between Medicine Hat and Maple Creek, lies a geographic enigma that is making quirky headline news around the world.

It seems completely innocuous: One driveway stretches north of a rural road to curl around a landmark that is perched on a hilly ridge in the Albertan landscape.

Nothing unusual there, until you view it from above.

Craggy ridges form a chiselled nose. The afternoon light when the satellite photo was taken define lips and a rounded jaw. Above it all, the rock formations branch out into chunky, spiked hair.

And that driveway? Naturally, it's an MP3 earpiece.

The land formation can be seen at Google Earth, the search engine's global mapping system that lets you peek into almost any corner of the planet.

Type in the co-ordinates 50° 0'38.20"N 110° 6'48.32"W, switch to ‘satellite' view and see for yourself.


  1. iwaasamac8:06 p.m.

    That's crazy! I have never seen that or known that. And just think-that is pretty close to my stomping grounds.
    That area is also fonly known as the Hattan Hills.

  2. who is this iwaasamac?

    I believe it's been named "badlands guardian". The county named it such after some suggestions by CBC